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Return of debt purchase price to a foreign debt purchaser

Vietnam - November 30 2021 A Vietnamese company (Seller) exports goods to a foreign company (Buyer) under a goods sale and purchase contract (Goods Sale Contract). 1.2. The…

Trinh Phuong Thao

Importing LNG for LNG power plant

Vietnam - September 30 2021 1. Pursuant to Article 6 of Decree 87 of the Government dated 13 March 2018 on gas trading (Decree 87), an entity involving in the import of LNG for…

Decree 15/2021 on management of construction investment projects

Vietnam - September 30 2021 On 3 March 2021, the Government issued Decree 15 detailing a number of provisions on management of construction investment projects (Decree 15/2021)…

Tran Kim Chi

Will break time within a normal work shift be excluded from the overtime calculation?

Vietnam - June 29 2021 Decree 145/2020 of the Government clarifies several contents of the Labor Code 2019. One notable point is the guidance on how to calculate the…

Trinh Phuong Thao

Transfer of capital contribution in private universities that have not been restructured

Vietnam - November 30 2021 1. The Law on amending the Law on Higher Education dated 19 November 2018 (Amendment Law 2018) provides for various new points compared to the Law on…

Le Vo Thuy Tien