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Applicability of Vietnam Anti-Money Laundering Law (AML) to offshore financial institutions

Vietnam - August 31 2021 Under the AML Law 2012, an entity will be subject to the requirement to conduct KYC or submit AML reports to the SBV if it is, among others, a finance…

Nguyen Quang Vu

Raising operating capital of a general finance company

Vietnam - August 30 2021 1. At law, general finance company is defined as a finance company, which is permitted to carry out activities under the Credit Institutions Law 2010…

Tran Kim Chi, Le Minh Thuy

Regulations governing debt sale and purchase business activity

Vietnam - July 30 2021 Currently, the debt sale and purchase activity of entities not being credit institutions is no longer a conditional business activity. Specifically…

Nguyen Hoang Duy

Difference between right to recourse in factoring and right to cancel debt sale & purchase agreement upon occurence of events of default

Vietnam - July 30 2021 A is a debt trading company (Debt Purchaser). 1.2. B (Debt Seller) is a party that sells goods to the buyers (Goods Buyer) under a goods sale and…

Nguyen Hoang Duy

Will break time within a normal work shift be excluded from the overtime calculation?

Vietnam - June 29 2021 Decree 145/2020 of the Government clarifies several contents of the Labor Code 2019. One notable point is the guidance on how to calculate the…

Trinh Phuong Thao