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Q3 l 2020

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Tasty Trademarks: An Analysis of the Canadian Trademark Applications Covering Taste

Canada - December 16 2020 Do you remember the PEPSI taste challenge? I have distinct childhood memories of lining up at the booth and trying to discern, by blind taste test…

Cannabis Branding - Part 2: Restrictions on Promotion of Cannabis in Canada

Canada - December 2 2020 The Cannabis Act (the “Act”), effective October 17, 2018, decriminalized the use and possession of cannabis, by persons at least 18 years of age, in…

Anthony Prenol

Cannabis Branding - Part 1: What Cannabis Companies Need to Know about Securing Trademarks in Canada

Canada - November 30 2020 Since the legalization of recreational cannabis in Canada in October of 2018, there has been a surge of trademark applications filed in connection…

Anthony Prenol

Out of the Ordinary: Requirements for Describing Goods and Services in Canadian Trademark Applications

Canada - September 7 2020 When filing trademark applications in multiple jurisdictions, owners may encounter a range of different issues and objections in the respective…

Moving on Up: Increased Costs Awards in Canadian Patent Litigation

Canada - July 15 2020 In deciding whether and how to litigate the infringement of its patents, a patentee is typically driven by many considerations. One of the most…

Anthony Prenol, Antonio Turco