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Q3 l 2020

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Hot Dog!: Injunction Overturned in “Bombay Frankie” Case

Canada - November 7 2022 Interlocutory injunctions in Canadian trademark cases are rare. The decision at first instance to grant a motion for an interlocutory injunction in a…

The Summer of 70 (+ Life of the Author): Canada to Extend Copyright Term (and Bryan Adams has thoughts)

Canada - July 19 2022 Canada's copyright protection has, for some time, been out of step with most of its major trading partners. Canada's basic copyright term of life of…

Claim Canada: Restrictions on Commercial Use of Canadian Symbols

Canada - June 27 2022 In 1972, a Canadian Radio host held a contest, asking listeners to complete the phrase "as Canadian as…". The idea was to find a Canadian…

Antonio Turco

A Concrete Reason to Consider Template Contracts: Patterned Concrete Mississauga Inc v Bomanite Toronto Ltd

Canada - May 21 2021 Many businesses use template forms for quotations, purchase orders, warranties and other types of documents. Those encountering such template forms…

Handbags and Ochre and Hearts, Oh My!: A Survey of Canadian Trademark Applications for Textures, Holograms, Motions and Colours

Canada - March 9 2021 What do the texture of a CHANEL handbag, INTERAC’s use of the colour ochre, and a TWITTER animation of hearts have in common? They are all subject to…