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Q4| 2022

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Is Sex Outside Marriage Illegal in Indonesia? What Tourists Need to Know

Indonesia - December 12 2022 The changes not only apply to citizens of Indonesia but visiting foreigners such as Australians who visit on holidays. The new laws prescribe a…

Alyssa Maschmedt

When Can Police Arrest You?

Australia - December 9 2022 An Iconic Sydney man notorious for holding signs of peace and love has been injured during a police arrest attempt. Mr Lim is well-known for…

Alyssa Maschmedt

Doli Incapax | Age of Criminal Responsibility Australia

Australia - December 7 2022 Doli Incapax is a common law principle meaning ‘incapable of wrong’. In Australia, it applies to children aged between 10-13 years who are presumed…

Alyssa Maschmedt

Sextortion and Sexual Blackmail

Australia - November 23 2022 Sextortion is commonly also called sexual blackmail, defined generally as a type of blackmail when a person threatens to distribute, publicise or…

Poppy Morandin

Finders Keepers Law

Australia - November 21 2022 Finders keepers law is a defence to a steal or larceny offence. An accused person will be acquitted of stealing/larceny if he or she, after finding…

Poppy Morandin