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The Light at the End of the Failed Drug War Is Growing Brighter

Australia - December 31 2021 The 17th of June this year marked the 50th anniversary of the war on drugs. Launched by then US president Richard Nixon in 1971, the drug war led to…

NZ and US Pass Laws to Reduce Smoking Harms, While Australia Makes it Harder to Quit

Australia, New Zealand, USA - December 24 2021 The NZ government launched its Smokefree Aotearoa 2025 Action Plan on 9 December. A decade in the making, the policy proposes to see less than 5…

Rights Infringements Are Likely to Worsen in an Era of Mounting Crises

Australia - December 19 2021 As the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically revealed, government responses to crises result in the winding back of citizens’ rights. And this…

Morrison Legislates to Enhance the Mass Deportation of Residents

Australia - December 19 2021 Fortress Australia champion and Prime Minister of the nation Scott Morrison oversaw the passing of a raft of amendments to the Migration Act 1958…

How the Overturning of the US Right to Abortion Could Bode for Australia

Australia, USA - December 17 2021 The 1973 US Supreme Court case Roe v Wade determined that a Texas law preventing abortion unless a women’s life was in danger was unconstitutional…