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Q1 l 2020

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We talk about Aussie mateship a lot. The construction industry is facing a perfect storm. Will we ‘walk the talk’ and look after our mates?

Australia - June 17 2022 The construction industry in Queensland comprises tens of thousands of people that generate $47B for our economy. I always look at all industry issues…

Lawyers who come from the future will flourish in construction.

Australia - June 2 2022 In my previous article titled Contractors who come from the future will flourish in construction, I stated: “I have recently immersed myself in…

Contractors who come from the future will flourish in construction

Australia - May 20 2022 In other words, those contractors that are thinking and planning for the future will succeed. I am a ‘change junkie’ in everything I do. I have always…

Anti phoenix licensing provisions ‘net’ cast too wide

Australia - May 9 2022 Anti Phoenix licensing provisions are catching Security of Payment (SOP) culprits and victims in a Covid-19 ‘perfect storm’. These provisions are…

Data & Diligence by Helix

Australia - April 26 2022 I am a huge advocate of data and its power to drive better decisions in the construction industry. I believe data and diligence drive insight, which…