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Reminder: Initial Board Diversity Matrix Now Required for Nasdaq Companies

USA - August 11 2022 All Nasdaq-listed companies must now disclose a board diversity matrix by the later of (1) August 8, 2022, or (2) the date the company files its…

R. Randall Wang

SEC’s Form 144 Electronic Filing Mandate: Another Task for Company Counsel’s To-Do List?

USA - June 21 2022 The SEC recently adopted amendments mandating that certain documents and forms, including Forms 144, be submitted electronically, rather than in…

Eliot W. Robinson

Buckle Up: 2022 Annual Meeting Q&A Could Be Wild Ride

USA - May 10 2022 Now that we are knee deep in Annual Meeting season, companies should consider preparing for “what if” questions that may arise during Q&A based on…

Katherine Fleming Ashton, Robert J. Endicott, Eliot W. Robinson, R. Randall Wang

Despite California Court Ruling, Board Diversity Remains Center Stage

USA - April 11 2022 Despite a California Superior Court's recent ruling against a 2020 California law (AB 979), the move toward increasing board diversity is alive and…

Katherine Fleming Ashton, Eliot W. Robinson

Highlights of the SEC’s Proposed “Rules of the Road” for Climate-Related Disclosures

USA - March 22 2022 On March 21, 2022, the SEC announced proposed new rules that would require public companies to disclose certain climate-related information in…

Katherine Fleming Ashton, R. Randall Wang