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Banking Bites - August 2 2022

United Kingdom - August 2 2022 Bearing in mind the soon-to-be implemented Consumer Duty, UK-regulated firms have an opportunity to consider some of the lessons that can be taken…

Gilly Bradbury, Chris Bryant, Daniel Csefalvay, Victoria Duxbury, James Fairburn, Sarah Klein, Anthony Lennox, Naomi Miles, Joanna Munro

A new horizon for regulated funeral plan providers: opportunities, risks and lessons to be learned

United Kingdom - July 19 2022 On 29 July 2022, funeral plan providers (“FPPs”) will be brought within the remit of the Financial Conduct Authority (the “FCA”). While entering into…

Joanna Munro

Banking Bites - July 13 2022

United Kingdom - July 13 2022 Following increasing interest from regulators in the use of non-firm approved messaging platforms, major banks have continued to dismiss senior…

Matthew Baker, Gilly Bradbury, Daniel Csefalvay, James Fairburn, Oran Gelb, Sarah Klein, Anthony Lennox, Naomi Miles, Joseph Ninan

Banking Bites - June 21 2022

United Kingdom - June 21 2022 In June, the Court of Appeal expanded the scope of a bank’s duty of care to protect its customers from fraud to encompass instructions by those other…

Gilly Bradbury, Chris Bryant, Daniel Csefalvay, Oran Gelb, Sonja Hainsworth, Ursula Johnston, Sarah Klein, Naomi Miles, Victoria Newbold, Joseph Ninan, Rebecca Norris, Andrew Tuson

Banking Bites - May 30 2022

United Kingdom - May 30 2022 Does a bank owe a duty of care to a person who is the beneficial owner of funds held in the account of a customer of the bank and who has been…

Gilly Bradbury, Siân Cowan, Oran Gelb, Sarah Klein, Naomi Miles, Joanna Munro, Joseph Ninan, Andrew Tuson