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California Court Grants Nonsuit in Website Accessibility Trial

USA - December 28 2018 A California court has dismissed a website accessibility case shortly after commencing trial, issuing a sua sponte nonsuit on grounds that the…

Bryan Cave, Heather S. Goldman, Daniel T. Rockey

Supreme Court Denies Review in Website Accessibility Case Against Domino’s Pizza

USA - October 9 2019 Businesses should expect that lawsuits and demand letters alleging that their websites violate the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) will…

Heather S. Goldman, Daniel T. Rockey

California Court of Appeals Holds Ecommerce Only Website Not Subject to ADA

USA - August 8 2022 The California Court of Appeals has held that websites operated by online only businesses are not “places of public accommodation” subject to Title…

Daniel T. Rockey, Steven M. Stimell

COVID-19: Considerations for Retailers on Employee Furloughs in U.S. and California

USA - March 30 2020 As an alternative to laying off employees, many retailers may be considering furloughs - unpaid leaves or drastic reductions in work hours or work…

Marcy J. Bergman, Allison Eckstrom, L. Anthony George

Senate Members Ask DOJ to Take Action as Number of Website Accessibility Lawsuits Continues to Rise

USA - August 13 2019 Members of Congress are once again asking the U.S. Department of Justice (“DOJ”) to take action addressing website accessibility under the Americans…

Heather S. Goldman, Daniel T. Rockey, Steven M. Stimell