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Can Companies Record Customer Service Calls in the EU?

European Union - July 17 2020 Many EU countries have laws that address whether a company can record a call without obtaining the consent of the caller. For examp…

Dominik Weiss

Personal Data and the UK-EU Trade and Cooperation Agreement: UK gets special “third country” status for up to 6 months

European Union, United Kingdom - December 30 2020 In spite of the holiday period, few will have missed the fact that the UK and the EU concluded a Trade and Cooperation Agreement on 24 December 2020…

Jack Dunn, Tom Evans, Geraldine Scali

BCLP Global Data Privacy FAQs: What’s the current status of the UK Adequacy Decision?

European Union, United Kingdom - June 21 2021 The European Commission published a draft Adequacy Decision for the UK on 19 February. That document remains in draft, though it is understood to…

Christian M. Auty, Amy de La Lama, Geraldine Scali, Dominik Weiss

EU-US data transfers - State of Play on "Privacy Shield 2.0"

European Union, USA - May 9 2022 Since the Schrems II 2020 judgment famously “cancelled” the EU/U.S. Privacy Shield program for personal data flows from the EU to the US, it would be…

Anna Blest

The Data & Brexit Digest - Drafting tips for contracts and policies

European Union, United Kingdom - January 28 2021 With the UK now unambiguously out of the EU, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) (“EU GDPR”) has been r…

Anna Blest, Jack Dunn, Tom Evans, Geraldine Scali