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Year in Review: 2021 Food, Beverage & Supplement Litigation Round-Up

USA - May 6 2022 In June 2021, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Adopted its final rule for using “Made in U.S.A.” or any Variation of that statement, including the…

Nora J. Faris, Simren K. Gill, Jennifer A. Jackson, Merrit M. Jones, Brandon W. Neuschafer, Cassie Valentine

Seventh Circuit Weighs in on Circuit Split and Concludes that Courts Cannot Grant Rule 12(b)(6) Motions to Dismiss Solely Because They are Unopposed.

USA - April 6 2021 In Marcure v. Lynn, --- F.3d ---, 2021 WL 1138110 (Mar. 25, 2021), the Seventh Circuit joined six of its sister circuits (and split from two others)…

Samuel E. Hofmeier, Barbara A. Smith

Eighth Circuit Sides With Schools In Constitutional Challenge to Vaccine Religious-Exemption Form

USA - March 18 2021 While the topic of vaccines dominates today’s news, the Eighth Circuit recently affirmed the dismissal of constitutional challenges to Missouri’s…

Steven J. Alagna, Barbara A. Smith