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Insight: the anti-bribery legal framework in Italy

Italy - November 8 2022 An overview of the legal framework governing domestic and foreign bribery offences in Italy.

Spotlight: anti-bribery enforcement in Italy

Italy - November 8 2022 An overview of anti-bribery enforcement in Italy, including key authorities, procedures and recent enforcement activity.

Snapshot: asset confiscation in Italy

Italy - October 3 2022 A Q&A guide to confiscation in Italy, covering the legal framework, secondary proceeds, third-party ownership, value-based confiscation, using confiscated property to settle claims and more.

An interview with Studio Legale Pisano discussing Anti-Corruption in Italy

Italy - September 29 2022 There is no doubt that the relevance of compliance is constantly increasing, especially that of compliance programmes for corporate entities. For a…

Spotlight: asset seizure and evidence in Italy

Italy - September 15 2022 This article examines the need-to-know procedures and legal considerations for those seeking to secure assets and obtain evidence in relation to fraudulent conduct in Italy.