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Dragging your mediation heels will only risk cost sanctions

United Kingdom - June 14 2017 The Courts have, for some time now, actively encouraged parties to mediate or, where not possible, show that mediation has seriously been considered…

Sophie Austin

Who owns the contents of an email?

United Kingdom - October 14 2013 Once again, for some inexplicable reason, a fairly obvious case has baffled the Courts because it involved the use of email. Although the facts in…

Seller beware – liability for pre-contract promises

United Kingdom - April 11 2013 Apart from establishing that Lulu the dog could get a degree, one of the key lessons to be learned from the case of BSkyB -v- EDS was the liability…

Personal liability of directors

United Kingdom - June 18 2012 Directors must be aware of their duties and the potential consequences if they fail to comply with them.

Suzanne Brooker, Denise Fawcett, Nicola Kirk

Contract formed by email is binding

United Kingdom - February 7 2011 Yes, really.