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First cyber security export strategy launched

United Kingdom - May 17 2013 Exciting times. The UK has launched its first cyber security export strategy. Cyber Security is an essential component of the £2 trillion global ICT…

Google RIP: what inactive account manager means for your will

United Kingdom - April 16 2013 Google Inactive Account Manager is a new feature which allows account holders to donate their digital assets to a nominated beneficiary, with…

Sheilagh Magee

Cyberhood watch – breach notification comes of age

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - February 13 2013 New cyber proposals on both sides of the Atlantic are today due to have a seismic shift upon the legal framework which governs notification of…

Innovative intellectual property strategy: the Patent Box

United Kingdom - November 22 2012 Patents are commonly used as commercial instruments which give companies the edge over their competitors and encourage investment opportunities.

New .uk domains. Consider your strategy now

United Kingdom - October 4 2012 Just as the internet begins to face the introduction of “generic top-level domains”, Nominet, the UK domain name registry, has announced a proposal to introduce a new service, known as