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General Data Protection Regulation – a guide to the proposed reforms

European Union, United Kingdom - November 28 2013 Phone-tapping. Espionage. Whistleblowing. You could be forgiven for thinking this was the pitch for an Ian Fleming novel. However, these are not the…

Football Dataco and others v YAHOO! UK Ltd: Yahoo! takes home the trophy

United Kingdom - March 23 2012 On 1 March 2012 the European Court of Justice (ECJ) gave judgment on the much-anticipated Football Dataco case stating that football fixture lists are not protected by copyright if the compilation is not the author’s own intellectual creation even if the compilation itself required significant labour and skill.

Google brought down to earth: landmark privacy development

United Kingdom - January 17 2014 A group of claimants have won a case in the High Court to bring a claim against Google in England. Google sought to prevent the claimants issuing…

Google RIP: what inactive account manager means for your will

United Kingdom - April 16 2013 Google Inactive Account Manager is a new feature which allows account holders to donate their digital assets to a nominated beneficiary, with…

Sheilagh Magee

Intellectual property – intangible, invisible but not invaluable

United Kingdom - February 7 2014 You can't kick it, see it or put it in a shop window but for some businesses Intellectual Property ("IP") is the most valuable asset that it has. It…

Denise Fawcett