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Personal liability of directors

United Kingdom - December 14 2011 Limited liability is not complete protection for directors and they must carefully consider their actions and, indeed, failures to act in order to avoid “piercing the corporate veil”. 

David Archer, Suzanne Brooker, Nicola Kirk

What facts make a ‘de-facto’?

United Kingdom - September 11 2014 In November 2013 we talked about the case of Re UKLI Ltd Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills v Chohan and others [2013] EWHC 680…

Marc Livingston

Intellectual property – intangible, invisible but not invaluable

United Kingdom - February 7 2014 You can't kick it, see it or put it in a shop window but for some businesses Intellectual Property ("IP") is the most valuable asset that it has. It…

Philip James

Zombie companies – dead men walking

United Kingdom - October 29 2012 Forget your SME’s and FTSE 100’s. 

Nicola Kirk, Adrian Wilmot

Ignorance; not so bliss in director disqualification

United Kingdom - December 20 2017 On the failure of a company, the Insolvency Service may, following investigations, seek to disqualify directors from acting as such for a fixed period…