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Law applicable to a contract: why it is important

United Kingdom - January 8 2013 When there is a dispute about the performance of a contract, one of the first issues that must be determined is which law applies to that contract…

Reaching a binding settlement agreement in mediation

United Kingdom - August 20 2013 The Court of Appeal has given its Judgment on a recent case that considered the extent of a solicitor's duty to his client to formulate a binding…

Mediation and costs sanction: further court guidance

United Kingdom - January 8 2013 Litigation can be a very expensive and time consuming process that can be a real drain on a party’s resources. In some cases, the costs of fighting…

Jurisdictional disputes involving trade union activities in foreign countries

European Union, Spain, United Kingdom - August 20 2013 The English Courts have two parallel systems that determine whether the English Courts have jurisdiction: the EU rules for determining jurisdiction…

Protection of consumers in the motor trade

United Kingdom - November 26 2012 One of the functions of the law is to protect consumers against businesses taking unfair advantage of them.