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Facebook snooping to stop!

European Union, United Kingdom - March 24 2011 The surfing days may be numbered for the employer who checks up on his employees or prospective employees on Facebook and other social networking sites.

Sacked for going grey

United Kingdom, USA - July 25 2011 A Texan employer is being sued for discrimination after dismissing a female employee allegedly on the grounds of her grey hair.

Dismissal of employee for sending offensive e-mail from home computer was fair

United Kingdom - March 24 2011 An ET has held that the dismissal of an employee for sending an offensive e-mail from his home computer to his colleague's home computer, outside of work hours, was fair.

Copying an employer’s confidential information is a breach of contract

United Kingdom - February 8 2011 The High Court has held that an employee who sent substantial amounts of her employer's confidential documentation to her private email account had committed a repudiatory breach of contract.

The dangers of social networking

United Kingdom - May 23 2011 A pub manager has been found to have been fairly dismissed for gross misconduct by breaching her employer's internet policy and making inappropriate comments about customers on Facebook.