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Constructive dismissal case over LinkedIn CV clash

United Kingdom - February 27 2012 A human resources executive, John Flexman, was recently ‘forced out of his job’ after registering his interest in ‘career opportunities’ on the social media site LinkedIn and uploading his CV.

Fabienne McAllister

Viral venom

United Kingdom - November 22 2012 A disgruntled employee at a media agency in London sent a ‘leaving speech’ to his colleagues setting out the grounds of his grievance.

Holidays and sickness absence: the story so far…

United Kingdom - January 17 2012 The interrelation between holidays and sickness absence is notoriously difficult and the current law is simply not clear.

Fabienne McAllister

Humble pie

United Kingdom - December 18 2012 A company has been forced to pay out over £59,000 to a claimant who suffered from stress and was dismissed after failing to follow unclear management instructions.

Victimisation of whistleblowers

United Kingdom - February 27 2012 Following a protected disclosure about a fellow nurse, three nurses experienced victimisation and were threatened by fellow employees.

Fabienne McAllister