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Large-scale redundancy notice period reduced from 90 to 45 days

United Kingdom - December 18 2012 Following the Beecroft Report earlier this year, the government has announced that the period of notice which employers must give before making large-scale redundancies is to be cut from 90 to 45 days.

“Employee shareholder” – government response

United Kingdom - December 18 2012 As recently reported the government has given their response to the consultation on implementing the new employee ownership status.

“One in, two out”

United Kingdom - December 18 2012 Michael Fallon, Business Minister, has announced that the government is to amend its current policy of “one in, one out” regarding new regulation to the more radical approach of, one in, two out.

Employer obliged to pay legal costs defending alleged criminal offences of former employee

United Kingdom - December 18 2012 The Court of Appeal has ruled that an employer was obliged to fund the defence of a former employee against criminal proceedings committed during his employment with the company.

Humble pie

United Kingdom - December 18 2012 A company has been forced to pay out over £59,000 to a claimant who suffered from stress and was dismissed after failing to follow unclear management instructions.