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An employee can be disciplined twice for the same set of facts

United Kingdom - June 20 2012 This case considered whether an employee could be disciplined twice for the same offence.

An employer can change the effective date of termination at an unsuccessful appeal hearing

United Kingdom - June 20 2012 This case examined whether the employers Hawes and Curtis, had in law changed the Effective Date of Termination (EDT) of Mr Arfan and Mr Mirza’s employment contracts at the appeal stage.

Vote Romney or you’re fired!

USA - November 22 2012 Koch Industries recently caused controversy in the US prior to the presidential election by putting pressure on its employees to vote for Mitt Romney.

Facebook dismissal is a warning to employers

United Kingdom - December 18 2012 The High Court has awarded damages of just £98 to a claimant demoted for expressing his personal views on gay marriage via Facebook.

Recruitment exec resigns over crude e-mail

United Kingdom - February 27 2012 Gary Chaplin, a top recruitment executive earning £200K per annum, was asked to resign after sending a rude and expletive rejection email to an applicant.

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