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Good news for database owners: infringement takes place at least where the data is intended to be accessed

European Union - October 31 2012 In its October decision in Football Dataco v Sportradar (C-173/11) the Court of Justice of the European Union ("CJEU") held that database infringement occurs at least in the place where an internet user accesses the data, where there is evidence of an intention to target the public within that jurisdiction, notwithstanding the fact that the data may be sent from a server located outside that Member State.

Laura Anil

Whose data is it really?

United Kingdom - November 22 2012 Our personal information is extremely valuable.

Annual review - the coming of a second screen

United Kingdom - December 21 2012 'We will change the way you watch TV forever.' As sales pitches go, this one has long since lost its lustre. Faced with a dizzying number of services and…