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Does the Bulgarian Government actually hold 213,519 bitcoin?

Bulgaria - March 1 2022 Is Bulgaria possibly one of the largest governmental holders of Bitcoin? Тhe legal regulation of Government investment in, seizure, holding of and…

Maya Ivanova

Post-Brexit: EU law derived rights for family members of settled UK citizens

European Union, United Kingdom - September 10 2021 Are you a family member of a UK citizen holding an EU residence permit in a country in the EU? Do you wish to reside in an EU Member State but are…

Nevena Bekyarova, Sylvia Vitlarova

The Validity of Liquidated Damages Clauses in the UK and Bulgarian Jurisdictions

Bulgaria, United Kingdom - August 25 2021 A liquidated damages clause is a contractual provision requiring a party to pay a genuinely pre-estimated and agreed amount in the event of a…

Yavor Markov, Anheya Pirindeva

How temporary residents may become EU long-term residents or permanent residents in Bulgaria

Bulgaria, European Union - August 23 2021 The Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act (“the Act”) provides for various ways for non- EU nationals to become temporary residents. The options…

Nevena Bekyarova

The EU Blue Card as a way for non-EU nationals to be employed and live in Bulgaria and in the rest of the EU

Bulgaria, European Union - July 28 2021 One of the more innovative developments of EU labour law is the so-called EU Blue Card, which is a type of residence and…

Theodora Ganeva