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Adjournment of trial: defendants deliberately try to take advantage of “ill-health”

United Kingdom - November 1 2017 Although this was not a casualty claim, the case raised interesting points in respect of what reasons are sufficient to adjourn proceedings.

Overturning findings of fact made by a trial judge: Court of Appeal reiterates principles to be applied

United Kingdom - May 15 2017 In this case the second defendant insurer appealed against a County Court judgment that a road traffic accident had occurred which entitled the…

Handwritten signature not required on court documents

United Kingdom - August 31 2017 In this case, the defendant applied for a ruling that the claim form and particulars of claim had not been properly verified by the claimant. The…

Failure to comply with court directions: claimant only had himself to blame

United Kingdom - August 31 2017 In this case, the court was required to consider the three stage test set out in Denton v TH White Ltd [2014] EWCA Civ 906, in respect of relief from…

It is not wrong in law for judges to amend transcripts of judgments

United Kingdom - June 21 2017 The defendant applied for the release of an audio recording of a judgment that had been given in August 2014, on the basis that it was not true to…