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Practical steps for a smoother separation

Australia - January 19 2022 There has been plenty of commentary and speculation about casualties of Covid - “The Great Resignation” and then “The Great Separation” -…

Snapshot: succession law in Australia

Australia - November 29 2021 A Q&A guide to succession law in Australia, covering estate constitution, disposition, intestacy, claims against an estate and much more.

Kimi Shah

Snapshot: tax considerations for private clients in Australia

Australia - November 29 2021 An overview of key tax considerations for private clients in Australia, including coverage of tax residence and domicile, capital gains, inheritance, real estate and trusts.

Kimi Shah

Starting at the end. Preparing for separation

Australia - October 18 2021 Covid lockdowns have impacted all of our lives in ways we could never have imagined, bringing people to question what is important in their lives…

Undisclosed superannuation entitlements - You can run but you can’t hide

Australia - September 14 2021 With new legislation requiring full disclosure of all Finances, superannuation can no longer be hidden from former spouses during family settlements…