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Q3 | 2018

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Breaking Employment Law News: Layoffs are Constructive Dismissals, Even During a Pandemic!

Canada - April 29 2021 I’ll get right to the point: a judge of the Ontario Superior Court has confirmed that laying an employee off is a constructive dismissal, even duri…

Rudner Law Video Update: How does pregnancy factor into severance?

Canada - April 15 2021 We know that the entitlement to notice of dismissal, or pay in lieu as we often call it, severance, is based on many factors. Contrar…

Pay Cut is Constructive Dismissal

Canada - April 13 2021 I hate to say, “I told you so”, but…we have been saying for over a year that employers risk a finding of constructive dismissal when they lay off…

Canada Emergency Response Benefit - Repayments

Canada - March 10 2021 If a dismissed employee receives Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and then either negotiates additional severance or obtains some through a…

Rudner Law Video Update: Insubordination and Dismissal

Canada - March 9 2021 It's a fundamental element of the employment relationship: employers direct the employees to carry out their orders and employees are expected to…