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Is covid-19 a “force majeure” in commercial contracts?

Vietnam - March 24 2020 Due to the outbreak of the respiratory infection disease caused by a new coronavirus (Covid-19), on March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization…

Late payment interest in commercial disputes

Vietnam - March 23 2020 One of the most important issues in a commercial lawsuit involving late payments1 is how the court will determine late payment interest. In practice…

Alice Duong

Losing Points Arbitration Procedures

Vietnam - January 21 2020 An arbitration agreement (often in form of an arbitration clause in a commercial contract) is required for establishing the jurisdiction of…

Timeline for Litigation

Vietnam - December 10 2019 Preparing the statement of claim and evidence for submission Submission of the statement of claim…

Derek Phan Van Cong Danh

Avoiding legal traps in settlement negotiations

USA, Vietnam - November 24 2019 In litigation, you will almost certainly be involved in settlement negotiations at some point. However, most people, when approaching settlement…

Derek Phan Van Cong Danh