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How to protect your intellectual property in unprecedented times

Australia - April 5 2020 COVID-19 has propelled businesses into unprecedented times. Many businesses will be able to adapt to new lockdown measures by moving to partially or…

Riley Berry

Uber Eats humble pie as restaurants are delivered from unfair contract terms

Australia - April 5 2020 Restaurants under immense pressure due to COVID-19 impacts received slight reprieve with Uber Eats being forced to remove unfair contract terms. Uber…

Riley Berry

How to prevent a rogue company agent - Australian Agency Law

Australia - March 2 2020 When you think of the word ‘agent,’ a 007 Bond type character may spring to mind. However, in the far more textured but mundane corporate world when…

Riley Berry

What the ACCC’s Digital Platforms Inquiry Means for Your Business

Australia - March 2 2020 It is no secret that in today’s society there are a few companies that reign supreme when it comes to how we view digital content. Regulatorily…

Anna Phillips

OK Google...Are you illegally sharing my location data?

Australia - December 18 2019 Every day we forfeit our personal data to…

Lauren Babic