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New Amendments to the ICSID Rules

Global - February 11 2022 Those that follow news in the world of ISDS (investor state dispute resolution) will not have missed the recent announcement by the International…

ADR head-to-head: dispute boards and arbitration

United Kingdom - July 30 2020 Sana Mahmud and Robbie McCrea compare the use of dispute boards and arbitration in light of recent trends and developments.

Robbie McCrea

Annual Review 2019/2020: The Singapore Mediation Convention: raising the profile of mediation in cross-border disputes

Global, Singapore, United Kingdom - November 30 2019 On 7 August 2019, 46 countries signed the United Nations Convention on International Settlement Agreements Resulting from Mediation, also known as…

Jeremy Glover, Simon Tolson

International Quarterly - Issue 24, 2018

Global, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom - March 31 2018 International Quarterly provides informative and practical information regarding legal and commercial developments in…

Jeremy Glover, Nicholas Gould, Ahmed Ibrahim, Marc Wilkins

Changes to the Role of the Engineer under Clause 3 in the Proposed New FIDIC Yellow Book

United Kingdom - July 10 2017 In December 2016, at its International Users Conference in London, FIDIC issued a “pre-release” second edition of the Yellow Book (Conditions of…