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Q4 | 2018

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Managing Quiet Quitting Employees

Canada - September 21 2022 The pandemic has taken its toll on workplaces. Employees are no longer prepared to take it for the collective team at the expense of self-care and…

The Boss Law Bootcamp: The Legal Solution to your HR Law Fires

Canada - September 12 2022 Hey Ontario Employers! Are you burnt out and overwhelmed with all of the HR Law fires you’re always putting out and the struggle of just keeping up…

Workplace Law Trends for 2022

Canada - January 5 2022 Welcome to 2020 Two! It’s hard to believe we’ve been living through a pandemic for nearly 2 years. Workplaces are beyond worn out, stress leaves and…

New Business Liability Protection Act Carves out Employee Claims

Canada - November 25 2020 Last week, on November 17, 2020, the Ontario government passed a law providing liability protection for businesses for COVID-19 issues. The new…

How Can I Afford Legal Advice if My Business is Sinking?

Canada - April 29 2020 Many employers are facing rock hard choices right now: layoff on shaky legal ground or go bankrupt? Let some employees go, but how to afford…