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Covid-19 Infections At Work

Canada - November 18 2020 Obviously, an employee who has tested positive for COVID-19 should not return to work until they are no longer COVID-19 positive. In Ontario...

Dress Code Rules: What’s wrong with saying “no hot pants”?

Canada - October 28 2020 With so much hot news swirling around, some may have missed the story of the Arctic research mission MOSAiC’s dress code. Apparently, women on board...

Employment Law Damages: The Risk of Not Firing Properly

Canada - October 21 2020 Employers often wonder what the consequences might be if they don’t do everything their lawyer tells them to or, if they don’t get a lawyer at all...

Termination Entitlements: Benefits, Bonuses and Commissions

Canada - October 15 2020 Unfortunately, lots of terminations are coming across our desks these days. While most employers understand that they need to provide notice of...

Recalling Employees to Work: Considerations for Employers

Canada - September 23 2020 Many employees were placed on layoffs in March 2020, when the shutdowns occurred. In Ontario, these layoffs were then converted into deemed...