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Formal Equality vs. Substantive Equality: When Equality Doesn’t Mean Equal Treatment

Canada - February 26 2020 Happy Black History Month Canada! Black History month has us thinking about equality and what workplaces can do to increase their equality and...

How to go to the bathroom at work

Canada - January 1 2020 Bathroom breaks come up frequently in news stories about workers’ rights. The City of Hamilton just narrowly avoided a transit strike where bathroom...

Power Imbalances and Romance in the Workplace

Canada - November 6 2019 McDonald’s is in the news this week after their Board told their CEO, Steve Easterbrook, to “move on” after learning that he had been engaging in a...

What Happens to Vacation When an Employee is on a Leave?

Canada - September 25 2019 Employers often have questions about what to do with vacation when an employee is on a leave. Do they still earn vacation time? Do they still get...

Cameras in the Workplace: Privacy Law and Inadvertently Catching Your Employees in the Act

Canada - February 20 2019 At SpringLaw, we are interested in privacy, technology and how they intersect in the workplace. A recent arbitration decision brought all three...