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Crystal Ball Not Required

Bahamas, United Kingdom - December 27 2022 Company directors owe several fiduciary duties, one of which is to act in the best interest of shareholders. But to what extent does that duty to…

A. Kenra Parris-Whittaker

Crypto Ruling: Stolen NFTs Are ‘Property’ Held On Constructive Trust

United Kingdom - December 12 2022 An important ruling has provided clarity on the courts' approach to the category of crypto assets known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The…

A. Kenra Parris-Whittaker

Freezing Orders: Evidence The Risk of Dissipating Assets

Jamaica - December 8 2022 Freezing orders are a vital tool to preserve assets when there is a dispute, but the courts in Jamaica will only grant a freezing order if it can be…

A. Kenra Parris-Whittaker

Location, Location, Location: Third Party Disclosure And Jurisdiction

Turks & Caicos Islands, United Kingdom - December 1 2022 Businesses and other organisations in the Turks and Caicos Island (TCI) could be served with third party disclosure orders from the English courts…

A. Kenra Parris-Whittaker

Vessel Damaged In Marina. Can I Sue?

Bahamas - November 28 2022 The Bahamas has been at the vanguard of marine services for decades. The value to the local economy of the numerous marinas and docks here that are…

A. Kenra Parris-Whittaker