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Vessel Damaged In Marina. Can I Sue?

Bahamas - November 28 2022 The Bahamas has been at the vanguard of marine services for decades. The value to the local economy of the numerous marinas and docks here that are…

Jacy Whittaker

Selling Shares In A Company? Think Twice About Warranties

Bahamas, United Kingdom - November 24 2022 The 'buyer beware' principle is a fundamental aspect of contract law. It's up to purchasers to satisfy themselves that they are getting what they're…

Jacy Whittaker

Limitation Periods: No More A Never Ending Story

Bahamas, Turks & Caicos Islands, United Kingdom - November 18 2022 All businesses need to know about an important change to limitation periods in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TIC) which could impact their intention…

George Missick, Jacy Whittaker

Disclosure: A Key Tool To Access Information and Documents

Bahamas, Jamaica, United Kingdom - November 14 2022 The court is frequently asked to order disclosure where documents or information is - or is suspected to be - crucial to the party's case; and…

Jacy Whittaker, Raisa Woodstock

Contractual Mistake and Radical Difference

Bahamas, United Kingdom - November 4 2022 It's not unknown for the parties to a contract to later discover the terms agreed were based on a shared fundamental mistake. The question is - can…

Jacy Whittaker