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Commercial Contracts: To guarantee or indemnify?

Bahamas, United Kingdom - February 3 2022 The distinction between a contractual guarantee and an indemnity - and which is best for your business - is a crucial one. It might seem like a highly…

Jacy Whittaker

Disclosure: do agents ‘control’ a party’s documents?

Bahamas, United Kingdom - January 1 2022 To what extent does the duty of disclosure apply where an agency relationship exists? The award-winning commercial lawyers at ParrisWhittaker are…

Jacy Whittaker

Bahamas Data Protection Act: What you need to know.

Bahamas - June 18 2020 Data protection laws provide for the protection of personal privacy as they prohibit the unlawful use or disclosure of personal information. The…

Jacy Whittaker

Contract Law: High Court takes strict line on Exclusion Clauses

Bahamas, United Kingdom - October 8 2021 Before entering any kind of commercial agreement, careful consideration should be given to what, if any, type of exclusion clause you wish to…

Jacy Whittaker

E-Signatures: Contract Law applies as normal

Bahamas, United Kingdom - February 7 2022 Working from home and hybrid working are now commonplace - even more so in the wake of the Covid19 pandemic. One effect we’ve seen as commercial…

Jacy Whittaker