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Patent registration in Nigeria

Nigeria - March 12 2019 Patent is an exclusive right granted for an invention, a product or process providing or offering a new practical solution to a problem or dilemma…

Woye Famojuro

Registration of industrial design in Nigeria

Nigeria - March 11 2019 A registered design gives protection to the shape of the product e.g. Lines, colors or any three-dimensional form. The idea is to prevent others from…

Woye Famojuro

Public-Private Partnerships: The Prospects for Standard Infrastructural Developments in Nigeria.

Nigeria - February 15 2019 Ideologically, it is expected that the government provides basic social amenities and infrastructure for its populace largely through taxes paid by…

Blessing Adepoju, Dayo Adu

Burden of proof in the prosecution of unexplained wealth in Nigeria - examining the similarity between Daudu v FRN and Aamira Hajieva’s case

Nigeria - January 27 2019 One of the biggest challenges to the recovery of 'ill-gotten gains' in many countries including Nigeria has been establishing the nexus between…

Blessing Adepoju, Dayo Adu