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Time is running out - have you issued the required notice to your regular casual award employees?

Australia - December 19 2018 Over 80 modern awards were varied earlier this year to include a model casual conversion clause which allows regular casual employees to ask that…

Hannah Ellis, Elizabeth Newman

Changes to the rules to set off casual loadings take effect today

Australia - December 18 2018 The Federal Government has changed the Fair Work Regulations 2009 with effect from 18 December 2018 so that employers can set off casual loadings…

Hannah Ellis, Kim Mcguren, Elizabeth Newman

A casual fling or something more serious?

Australia - September 4 2018 Are your award/agreement covered casual employees working regular and predictable hours? If so, they could be considered permanent employees and have…

Hannah Ellis, Kim Mcguren

A perfect termination process in the #MeToo landscape?

Australia - July 16 2018 The Fair Work Commission has described the process undertaken by an employer to dismiss a long serving employee with an unblemished employment record…

Hannah Ellis, Kim Mcguren

Does your business conduct criminal record checks?

Australia - June 28 2018 The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) recently found that Suncorp discriminated against a job applicant on the basis of his criminal record…

Hannah Ellis, Kim Mcguren