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Copyright and Photos: How to Legally Protect Photographs

United Kingdom - April 23 2021 Whether you are a professional photographer or a casual Instagram snapper - photographs have become an important part of our day-to-day l…

How to be Innovative? 5 Strategies to Kickstart Innovation in Your Business

United Kingdom - March 19 2021 Introducing innovation as a practice into your business is a fantastic way to ensure that you're leading the market, and constantly…

Todd Bateman

How To Lead a Team Through Difficult Times

United Kingdom - February 8 2021 Times are more challenging than ever, so it has never been more important to know how to lead a team through difficult times. Here are 7 top tips,…

Todd Bateman

IP Insight: ‘Is my letter before action an unjustified threat of IP litigation?’

United Kingdom - April 9 2020 In these testing times, we are already seeing the impacts the resulting commercial squeeze has had a…

James Gilmer

Brand Breakdown 002 TESLA

United Kingdom - October 17 2019 There are a small number of companies that earn a unique global status for the work they do. These companies become household names and are…