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In brief: money laundering offences in Nigeria

Nigeria - June 26 2020 A look at the key elements of criminal money laundering offences in Nigeria, including qualifying assets and transactions, predicate offences, defences and sanctions.

Olatunde Ogundipe, Koha S Okukulabe

Legal Privilege & Professional Secrecy in Nigeria

Nigeria - April 12 2019 A structured guide to legal privelege & professional secrecy in Nigeria

Morenikeji Osilaja

Dispute Resolution in Nigeria

Nigeria - July 13 2018 A structured guide to dispute resolution in Nigeria

Lateef Omoyemi Akangbe

First-step analysis: anti-money laundering provisions in Nigeria

Nigeria - June 14 2019 This Q&A addresses the key points of the anti-money laundering framework in Nigeria, including primary legislation, enforcement and international cooperation, among other things.

Olatunde Ogundipe, Koha S Okukulabe

Risk & Compliance Management in Nigeria

Nigeria - July 6 2018 A structured guide to risk & compliance management in Nigeria

Olatunde Ogundipe, Olajumoke Omotade