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Tribal Water Infrastructure Bill AB 2877 Signed Into Law

USA - October 10 2022 With the close of the 2022 legislative session bringing an influx of new bills across Governor Gavin Newsom’s desk, Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia’s…

David D. Boyer, Suparna Jain, Kristopher T. Strouse

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Reconsiders Meaning of “Transportation” Under RCRA

USA - July 8 2022 Earlier this month, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals filed a new opinion in the case of California River Watch v. City of Vacaville, superseding…

Nicolle A. Falcis,, Kristopher T. Strouse

Executive Order N-7-22 Increases Drought Response as Rainy Season Comes to an End

USA - April 15 2022 Building on last years’ Executive Orders intended to combat the current drought, Governor Gavin Newsom signed Executive Order N-7-22 (“Order”) into…

Kristopher T. Strouse

Moratorium on Water Service Shut Offs (Service Terminations) Set to Expire on September 30, 2021

USA - June 14 2021 On June 11, 2021, Governor Gavin Newsom issued Executive Order N-08-21, which addressed the expiration of various Executive Orders issued during the…

Eddy R. Beltran, David D. Boyer, Nicolle A. Falcis,, Suparna Jain

Governor Newsom Signs Proclamation of State of Emergency for 39 California Counties

USA - May 14 2021 Earlier this week, Governor Gavin Newsom signed into effect a Proclamation of a State of Emergency, declaring that counties overlapping the Klamath…

Kristopher T. Strouse