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Court Upholds Demotion of College Administrator: No Entitlement to 24-Hour Brown Act Notice

USA - January 25 2019 In mid-December, the California Court of Appeal in San Diego upheld the demotion of a community college employee from an administrative position to a…

Mark R. Bresee, Paul Z. McGlocklin, Aaron V. O'Donnell

“Vision for Success” Identifies Challenges, Sets Ambitious Goals for California Community Colleges

USA - August 9 2017 Identifying a need “to step up the pace of improvement” within the California Community College (CCC) system, Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley recently…

Michele A. Landenberger, Sharon J. Ormond

Cities and Special Districts’ Election Consolidation Plans Must Be Adopted by January 1, 2018

USA - April 20 2017 An important deadline is approaching for certain cities and special districts that hold off-cycle elections. Under the new California Voter…

Nate J. Kowalski, Irma Rodríguez Moisa, Tiffany M. Tran

California Supreme Court Holds Public Records Sent Through Private Email Accounts and Devices May Be Subject to Disclosure

USA - March 3 2017 In a much-anticipated decision, the California Supreme Court held on March 2, 2017, that when a public employee uses a personal account or device to…

James F. Baca,, Mark R. Bresee, Scott D. Danforth,, Peter E. Denno, Cathie L. Fields, Mark W. Thompson,

California Supreme Court Holds Legal Invoices Are Privileged

USA - January 5 2017 In a much-anticipated ruling, the California Supreme Court held on December 29, 2016 that legal invoices are protected by the attorney-client…

James F. Baca,, Mark R. Bresee, Cathie L. Fields