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California Appellate Court Rules That Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity May Qualify as a Disability Under FEHA

USA - May 27 2021 In Brown v. Los Angeles Unified School District Dist. (2021) 60 Cal.App.5th 1092, the Court of Appeal addressed the limits of what constitutes a…

Michael C. Addy, Kathryn E. Meola, Jacquelyn Morenz

Gun-Free School Zone Act Loophole Closed by Assembly Bill 424

USA - January 11 2018 School districts are no longer authorized to grant permission to persons to carry firearms in school zones and on school campuses, closing a…

Cathie L. Fields

PERB: The Duty to Provide Information to Unions is Distinct from Obligations Under the Public Records Act

USA - November 28 2018 In a November 19, 2018 decision, the Public Employment Relations Board clarified that a union’s Request for Information (RFI) is not properly…

William A. Diedrich,, Cathie L. Fields, Michele A. Landenberger

Inadvertent Disability Discrimination May Lurk in Hiring Software, Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms

USA - June 16 2022 While employers can realize significant time savings or improvement in the hiring process by implementing technology, employers must ensure that the…

Georgelle C. Cuevas, Tien P. Le

Is Your Website ADA-Compliant? Web Accessibility Lawsuits May Soon Be On the Rise as California High Courts Expand the Reach of the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Unruh Civil Rights Act

USA - September 24 2019 Within the past month, California courts have issued rulings expanding the types of lawsuits that may be filed against website operators for failing…

Sharon J. Ormond