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To Exhaust, or Not to Exhaust, That Is the Question

USA - March 24 2023 To exhaust, or not to exhaust? That is the question the United States Supreme Court recently answered in Luna Perez v. Sturgis Pub. Sch., No. 21-887…

Adam J. Newman, Elizabeth J. Rho-Ng, Justin R. Shinnefield, Ashley N. Turner, Marlon C. Wadlington

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Affirms Dismissal of Class Action Seeking Overbroad Relief for Remote Learning During Pandemic While Confirming Need To Exhaust Administrative Remedies

USA - August 30 2022 On August 24, 2022, the Ninth Circuit issued its long awaited decision in Martinez, et al. V. Newsom, et al. (“Martinez”) (Appeal Case No. 20-56404)…

Scott D. Danforth,, Adam J. Newman, Marlon C. Wadlington