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Governor Signs Executive Order N-3-22 to Support Safe In-Person Learning in Schools Amid Surge in COVID-19 Cases

USA - January 13 2022 On Tuesday, January 11, Governor Newsom signed Executive Order (“EO”) N-3-22 in response to the recent surge of COVID-19 omicron cases. EO N-3-22…

William A. Diedrich,, Paul Z. McGlocklin, Joshua E. Morrison, Nathaniel Rosilez

SB 493 Will Require Colleges and Universities to Revise Sexual Harassment Complaint Procedures in 2022

USA - December 14 2021 SB 493 was passed in September 2020 and becomes effective January 1, 2022. SB 493 seeks to clarify the process and provide Grievance Procedures for…

Eve P. Fichtner, Anna J. Miller, Aaron V. O'Donnell, Gabriel Sandoval

Will Smartphones in Classrooms Be a Thing of the Past?

USA - April 1 2019 Spend any amount of time in a middle school or high school classroom across California, and you will witness firsthand the impact of smartphones on…

Sara C. Young

Live Streaming - Legal Issues for the School or Community College

USA - June 6 2018 How could thy notes flow in such a crystal stream? — Percy Bysshe Shelley Streaming school or college events live over the Internet allows anyone in…

Cathie L. Fields

Retain or Delete? Managing Documents in the Digital Age

USA - April 23 2018 Given the plummeting cost of digital storage, many educational agencies scan permanent records into electronic format and destroy the hard copy…

Cathie L. Fields