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The Deadline for Establishing Groundwater Sustainability Agencies Is June 30, 2017

USA - February 10 2017 As California experienced its worst-ever drought, at its disposal were outdated water laws, many of which were enacted over a century ago when…

Kevin R. Dale, Nate J. Kowalski

Midyear 2016 CEQA update

USA - September 7 2016 There was substantial California Environmental Quality Act ("CEQA") activity in the Courts of Appeal during the last six months, with eight new…

Lindsay A. Thorson

Prop 65 Warnings: More BPA Regulations, More Headaches

USA - July 21 2016 Any entity that manufactures, produces, packages, imports, distributes or sells items containing Bisphenol A ("BPA") in California may have to…

Scott K. Dauscher, Robert Fried, Eugene F. McMenamin, Scott J. Sachs

State Water Resources Control Board Modifies Water Conservation Requirements

USA - June 22 2016 Mandatory statewide water use restrictions in California have been replaced by a more locally driven set of water conservation requirements under…

W. Bryce Chastain, Kevin R. Dale, David A. Soldani