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Single-user Restrooms Must Be Designated Gender Neutral as of March 1, 2017

USA - October 31 2016 Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 1732 in late September, continuing California’s progressive approach toward protecting transgender individuals…

Lisa R. Allred, Cathie L. Fields

Dashboard Video of Arrest Is Not a Police Personnel Record

USA - July 26 2016 On July 19, 2016, the California Court of Appeal held that a video recording made by a patrol car’s dashboard camera is not a peace officer’s or…

Kevin R. Dale, Cathie L. Fields

School Districts and Colleges Can Regulate Possession of Weapons on Campus

USA - July 14 2016 California’s Gun-Free School Zone Act (Penal Code section 626.9) makes possessing a firearm in a school zone punishable as a crime. Criminal…

Alan Atlas, Georgelle C. Cuevas, Cathie L. Fields