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California Supreme Court Holds Legal Invoices Are Privileged

USA - January 5 2017 In a much-anticipated ruling, the California Supreme Court held on December 29, 2016 that legal invoices are protected by the attorney-client…

James F. Baca,, Mark R. Bresee, Warren S. Kinsler

Retain or Delete? Managing Documents in the Digital Age

USA - April 23 2018 Given the plummeting cost of digital storage, many educational agencies scan permanent records into electronic format and destroy the hard copy…

Georgelle C. Cuevas

Classified Employees’ Probationary Periods May Be Extended as a Reasonable Accommodation for Prolonged Absences Due to Disability

USA - May 16 2018 A classified employee’s probationary period may be extended to account for time out on leave due to temporary total disability, according to a recent…

Scott K. Holbrook ,, Danielle E. Leben

Gun-Free School Zone Act Loophole Closed by Assembly Bill 424

USA - January 11 2018 School districts are no longer authorized to grant permission to persons to carry firearms in school zones and on school campuses, closing a…

Paul Z. McGlocklin

PERB: The Duty to Provide Information to Unions is Distinct from Obligations Under the Public Records Act

USA - November 28 2018 In a November 19, 2018 decision, the Public Employment Relations Board clarified that a union’s Request for Information (RFI) is not properly…

William A. Diedrich,, Michele A. Landenberger, Paul Z. McGlocklin