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Live Streaming - Legal Issues for the School or Community College

USA - June 6 2018 How could thy notes flow in such a crystal stream? — Percy Bysshe Shelley Streaming school or college events live over the Internet allows anyone in…

Georgelle C. Cuevas

Legislation Limits Out-of-class Assignments for CalPERS Members

USA - January 17 2018 Effective January 1, 2018, Assembly Bill 1487 added section 20480 to the California Government Code, which limits "out-of-class" appointments by PERS…

Kevin R. Dale, Joshua E. Morrison

“But It’s on the Internet!” You Still Need a License to Use that Photo!

USA - July 1 2019 A recent decision of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals demonstrates the risks of using “stock” photographs and other images found on the internet…

Alyssa Ruiz de Esparza, Jacquelyn Morenz

Single-user Restrooms Must Be Designated Gender Neutral as of March 1, 2017

USA - October 31 2016 Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill 1732 in late September, continuing California’s progressive approach toward protecting transgender individuals…

Lisa R. Allred, Daphne B. Hall

New Developments in Ongoing Website Accessibility Litigation

USA - April 22 2019 A federal district court in Massachusetts recently ruled against Harvard University in an ongoing lawsuit filed on behalf of disabled individuals…

Sharon J. Ormond, Elizabeth J. Rho-Ng