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“But It’s on the Internet!” You Still Need a License to Use that Photo!

USA - July 1 2019 A recent decision of the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals demonstrates the risks of using “stock” photographs and other images found on the internet…

Cathie L. Fields, Jacquelyn Morenz

Court of Appeal Affirms That a County Office of Education Cannot Seek an Exemption From Local Zoning Ordinances Under Government Code Section 53094

USA - January 24 2017 The Sixth District Court of Appeal recently held in San Jose Unified School District v. Santa Clara County Office of Education (Court of Appeal Case…

Martin A. Hom, Theodore Lieu, Lindsay A. Thorson

Fair Employment and Housing Commission Expands National Origin Protections

USA - June 25 2018 On July 1, 2018, new Fair Employment and Housing Commission regulations will expand the definitions of “national origin” under the Fair Employment and…

Cathie L. Fields, Jabari A. Willis

New Schoolbus Safety Requirements Include Child-Alert Technology

USA - January 30 2017 Senate Bill 1072, approved by the Governor in September 2016, brings to fruition efforts to guard against students being left unattended on a…

Cathie L. Fields

The Public Records Act Allows Agencies to Direct a Requester to Information Already Posted on the Agency’s Website, Furthering the Efficient Use of School Resources

USA - October 12 2017 As of January 1, 2017, the California Public Records Act allows public agencies, including school districts to “direct[] a member of the public to the…

Cathie L. Fields